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Established in 2010, Active Boating & Watersports magazine is a publication focused on boating and watersports in the Philippines. The magazine is published quarterly in both print and online formats, and it caters to businesses related to boats, watersports activities, and related services such as accommodations.

Each edition of the magazine contains news, stories, and articles contributed by individuals with extensive experience in the boating and watersports industry. With a minimum print run of 6000 copies per edition, the magazine is widely distributed to active Filipinos and expatriates across the country.

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Magazine Content

The content of the magazine is tailored to individuals interested in spending on boating and watersports activities in various destinations across the Philippines. It covers information on watersports events, historical facts, notable personalities, technical updates, and sailing tips.

Each edition also features a different watersports destination from the regions of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Since March 2012, Active Boating & Watersports has been endorsed by the Department of Tourism and has received the Golden Globes for Business Excellence award in September 2017.


The magazine spans 94 pages and adheres to high international publishing standards, ensuring quality and excellence for its readers.


It is distributed across the Philippines, including at embassies, major resorts, hotels, yacht clubs, marinas, Department of Tourism offices, sports clubs, member clubs, airports, and various retail outlets.


Active Boating & Watersports also provides complimentary copies at major events such as the Philmarine Expo, Beacon, Regattas, and various Watersports Events nationwide.

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